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Crafted with artisan spirit to be the finest, Since 1972.

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Crafted with artisan spirit to be the finest, Since 1972

Crafter Team, we consistently pursue the great Acoustic Guitars, driven by our commitment to the finest quality.

The predecessor of 'Crafter Guitars', 'SungEum Guitars', was established in April 1972 by the founding chairman, Hyun Kwon Park, in a small basement workshop in Map, Seoul, Korea where he resided. Starting with only four craftsmen, the business flourished rapidly, introducing high-quality classical guitars to the early domestic market and laying the foundation for the reputation of "SungEum Guitars." The company experienced rapid growth and relocated from Seoul to Yangju, Gyeonggi-do, in 1978. The brand name, 'SungEum' symbolized the passion for creating perfect guitar sounds and its reputation continues to be upheld through the many guitar enthusiasts until today.

In 1986, the second-generation management led by Chairman Injae Park, son of the founding chairman, Hyun Kwon Park embarked on a new era by restructuring the company as 'SungEum Music' and assuming the role of CEO, launching the Crafter brand and initiating trademark registrations and distributor explorations worldwide. The foundation of Crafter Guitars, including the unique dovetail extension technics, logo & mark design, signature inlays, artwork, etc., developed since the 1980s, remains as valuable assets that underpin Crafter to this day.

In 2019, Representative Junsuk Park, son of Chairman Injae Park, took over the third generation, reorganize the company as "Crafter Korea" and re-branding the "Crafter Guitars" brand. All members of Crafter Korea, including the CEO, continue to create the Crafter Guitars imbued with innovation, based on our unique structure founded on our expertise, dedication, and understanding of acoustic guitars since 1972.

From its humble beginnings in a basement with only four craftmen, the company has now emerged as one of the leading guitar specialist brand in South Korea, competing with major guitar builders worldwide, leading the market.

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