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Guitars with the absolute best balance of Musicality, Stability, Cosmetics and Affordability

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Walden's mission. Has always been to create guitars with the absolute best balance of Musicality, Stability, Cos- metics and Affordability; a merging of expertise in USA design and manufacturing with Asian efficiency and affordability.

Design. A great guitar is informed by the whole, not any one feature or material. When the minutiae come together to create an instrument that is "just right," this is a WALDEN. It comes down to features that you can't see such as WALDEN's Graphite and glass-fibre reinforced necks (normally seen only on hand-made instruments) and Low-Mass voiced scalloped-X bracing resulting in instruments with a tonal complexity and immediacy that is exceptional. Premier features such as the Laskin/Ryan inspired ergonomic armrest bevel are built into select instruments.

Trust. With our expertise in manufacturing and sourcing, we ensure cosmetic excellence and stability. Part- nerships with D'ADDARIO, FISHMAN Transducers, and GRAPHTECH NuBone nuts and saddles & Ratio-tuned tuners further enhance the trustworthiness of a WALDEN.

Stoptime Music Distribution Ltd. are Exclusive Suppliers of Walden in Ireland.

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Design Features

Low-Mass Bracing

Low-mass scalloped-x bracing brings a clarity, volume and immediacy to the voice of the Walden guitar. This bracing system reduces the overall mass while maintaining stability.

Neck Reinforcement

Graphite & glass-fiber neck reinforcement increases the overall stability of the neck reducing twist and warping over the lifetime of the instrument. Increased note-to-note definition and elimination of wolf-tones are among the sonic benefits.

Ergonomic Armrest

The ergonomic armrest, originally created by Maestro Luthier Grit Laskin in the late 1990's, significantly increases playing comfort by reducing shoulder stress and forearm discomfort. Available in NATURA 500 and the SUPRANATURA line.

Genuine Rosewood

Genuine Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) is used for fingerboard & bridge and some back & side material for most Walden guitars. Rosewood is an exceptional tonewood representing the best balance of tone, beauty, stability and sustainability.

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