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Enova Solutions AG, based in Schindellegi (Switzerland), was founded in 2018 by experienced Pro A/V professionals. With the ENOVA brand, the company offers the industry an alternative in the field of professional connectors and assembled cables.

Customers from the Pro A/V and musical instrument industry appreciate the quality and the good price-performance ratio of the ENOVA brand. As a result, ENOVA Solutions was able to build up a considerable distribution network throughout Europe within a short period of time, and awareness of the ENOVA brand grew steadily.

True mold Technology:Inspired by other industries, Enova Solutions engineers developed a new overmold technology that had not been used in the professional A/V industry before. The patented "True Mold" technology was born! With "True Mold", the individual connectors and the cable merge into a fully integrated, assembled cable. Only the essential connection parts are needed and thus the connector as a single component with all its weaknesses can be eliminated.

Enova NXT: In order to clearly differentiate the next generation products based on the innovative "True Mold" technology in the market, Enova Solutions has registered the new brand "EnovaNxt". All products with the "EnovaNxt" brand represent innovative compounds manufactured in Europe. All "EnovaNxt" branded products stand for reliable plug-and-play.

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